Thursday, January 7, 2010


....laying around....

.....hanging out.....

.....catching a few ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's....

....waiting for more of this stuff.....

It's on the way.......large dark gray clouds are gathering as i write this.....

The pantry is stocked.....the propane tank is full.....

Time to burrow in.......again!


ps........Hollie.....hope you get your snow in GA!!


  1. So far it is quiet here this morning but looking at the weather map it is moving into the western part of the state here. I hope everyone stays safe and keeps warm.
    I'd like to be snugged up at home, but I'm at work as usual. Winter is making sure we know it's here.
    Take good care !

  2. We got about an inch of ice last night to add to the couple inches of snow on the ground here in NW Arkansas. The high is supposed to be 11. Think I'll stay inside! Keep warm...

  3. Hi LM!!! I've missed you! Had limited internet access out here in the sticks...Happy New Year! I'm on my way out the door to shovel snow now! It's another doozy for sure! I'd like to be all cuddled up like your furry friends...but..onto shoveling!! Blessings~Sharon

  4. They look so cozy. They keep reducing the amount we are supposed to get. I am beginning to think it may play out as usual.

  5. 1 degrees and burrowed in...with 5 daycare preschoolers... they are being a little wild...yikes
    we need playing outside weather

  6. looks perfect to me - we are supposed to get 11 inches by tomorrow morning - i'm hoping for double that so we are snowed

  7. Sounds like nesting at your place too. LOL That's what I call it. Thanks about the snow. I have seen a few flurries, & I'm hoping for more.

  8. i swear those dogs are spoiled, lol

  9. We didn't get the snow in my part of Arkansas - just the cold! My husband is away from home for the day and every time I try to put wood on the fire the smoke billows so I finally quit and turned up the heat. I like that better anyway. :) We have Bible study tonight or I wouldn't be getting out of my house for days. blessings, marlene

  10. We are getting a bit of snow tonight also...anywhere from abit to 14 inches....(?)


  11. Said we might get some too, believe it when I see it. In the mean time I am subbing again tomorrow, we shall see.

  12. Those babies are so precious!